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This resource brings together insights from the world of esports science research, spanning all scholarly disciplines and clarifying the evidence surrounding the world of esports.

This platform is developed with support from the University of Salford’s Industry Collaboration programme, working in collaboration with colleagues from the world of esports.


Dr Steve Atkins, School of Health and Society
Professor Science Chadwick, Business School
Professor Garry Crawford, School of Health and Society
Dr Alex Fenton, Business School
Dr Juan Hiriart, School of Arts and Media
Dr Nicola McCullough, Business School
Dr John O’Hare, School of Science, Engineering, and Environment
Professor Andy Miah, School of Science, Engineering, and Environment
Caitriona O’Shea, Industry Collaboration Zones, Sport
Mark Quinn, School of Health and Society
Dr Maria Stukoff, Director, Maker Space
Ross Heaviside, Industry Collaboration Zones

Our Research

As a community, our expertise spans such ares as sociology, media studies, business, philosophy, game design, and a range of disciplines applied to health and sports sciences. We are continually growing our work and are particularly interested in future directions in esports, particularly around emerging technologies.

We have a particular interest in the relationship between physical activity and emerging esports, notably the integration of virtual realities and other forms of immersive experiences, which are just beginning to take off. From time to time, we’ll also publish insights from our own work, along with news about events we are running and collaboration opportunities, so stay tuned 🙂

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