How should we define esports?

A great number of scholarly articles are focused on the definition of esports. Here’s a quick provocation from Andy Miah about how we may best approach the subject.

How can we describe the bodily experience of playing esports? #PHILOSOPHY

Citation Ekdahl, D., & Ravn, S. (2019). Embodied involvement in virtual worlds: the case of eSports practitioners. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, 13(2), 132-144. Abstract eSports practice designates a unique set of activities tethered to competitive, virtual environments, or worlds. This correlation between eSports practitioner and virtual world, we argue, is inadequately accounted for solely in […]

Should esports follow the same doping rules as other sports? #PHILOSOPHY

Citation Holden, J. T. , Kaburakis, A. & Wall Tweedie, J. (2019) Virtue(al) games—real drugs, Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, 13:1, 19-32, DOI:10.1080/17511321.2018.1459814 Abstract Abstract  The growth of esports as a recognized, organized, competitive activity in North America and Europe has evolved steadily from one of the most prominent sport industries in several Asian countries. Esports, […]

Are esports real sports? #PHILOSOPHY

Citation Parry, J. (2019). E-sports are Not Sports. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, 13(1), 3-18. Abstract The conclusion of this paper will be that e-sports are not sports. I begin by offering a stipulation and a definition. I stipulate that what I have in mind, when thinking about the concept of sport, is ‘Olympic’ sport. And […]

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