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The ESI platform is made possible by the work of a growing number of Subject Curators, Editors, and Reviewers. Here are those currently involved. Please drop us a line if you’d like to jump on board.

We’re looking for bright esports researchers/scholars, who are keen to keep up with the latest findings from journals and books.

Dr Nico Besombes

Associate professor in Sport Sciences at the University of Paris, my work focuses on esports. From a sports sociology perspective, my research is mostly focused on (i) the socio-technical analysis of players’ physical involvement and motor skills in esports, (ii) the institutionalization and sportization processes of competitive videogaming, and (iii) the esports social challenges, which include good practices, sustainability, diversity and inclusion.

Julia Cwierz

Julia is an LLB (Hons) Law graduate and is currently studying LLM Legal Practice (Solicitors) at BPP University. She is the recipient of the UK’s first University Esports Scholarship, awarded by the University of Roehampton. She combines her legal expertise and passion for esports to develop the practice of esports law.

Robert Houghton

I am a doctoral student at Imperial College London assessing the effectiveness of wearable technology in measuring psycho-physiological states such as cognitive workload and fatigue in complex operations. I am interested in how my PhD research can be translated to esports, either through research or practice, as well as demonstrating how cognitive and occupational psychology, as well as ergonomics can benefit esports as a whole, with a specific emphasis on player and organisational performance.

Dr Nicola McCullough

I been delivering a global impact in Higher Education since starting my academic career in the UK in 2006 from being a passionate practitioner in the global events industry, working with sporting governing bodies, the arts and entertainment sectors to international education organisations.

Professor Andy Miah
General Editor

Andy is Co-Chair of the Esports Industry Collaboration programme at the University of Salford, Manchester, where he has been developing esports across the university since 2015. He is also Advisory Board member of the British Esports Association and Commission Member of the Global Esports Federation and author of Sport 2.0: Transforming Sports for a Digital World (MIT Press, 2017). In 2019, he established the Esports Science Insights platform, designed to bring critical insights from scientific research into esports, made available for the esports sector.

Dr Emily Ryall

Author of the books ‘Philosophy of Sport: Key Questions’, ‘Critical Thinking for Sports Students’ and ‘Philosophy of Play’, as well as journal articles in the philosophy of sport. Interviewed on national and international media outlets such as the BBC, ABC and The Guardian. Invited speaker at events such as the Cheltenham Science Festival and the Royal Institute of Philosophy. Entered into the Research Excellence Framework (REF).

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