What is the legal status of USA esports competitors? #LAW

Citation Holden, J. T., & Baker III, T. A. (2019). The Econtractor? Defining the Esports Employment Relationship. American Business Law Journal, 56(2), 391-440. Abstract Esports is now a multibillion-dollar industry that has quickly become one of the most discussed segments of the entertainment industry. There has been a rush to mention esports alongside other more […]

How can the esports industry be more effectively regulated?

Citation Toomey, R. (2019) Upholding the integrity of esports to successfully and safely legitimize esports wagering” Gaming Law Review 23(1) 12-17 [ACCESS] Abstract None The Data This is a review article, so no data as such, mostly reviewing the area of regulation and the work of its key actors. Quotes Our Take on it

Is there a legal route in Europe for esports to be recognised as sports?

Citation Abanazir, C. (2019). E ‑ sport and the EU : the view from the English Bridge Union. The International Sports Law Journal, 18(3), 102–113. Abstract The change that e-sport is going through and the ever-ascending trajectory of e-sport has led to certain states to regulate this mode of entertainment. States like South Korea […]