What’s stopping esports from becoming Olympic sports? #LAW

Carrabine, Z. (2019). Paris 2024 “GLHF”: Esports’ Quest for Olympic Inclusion. Sports Law. J., 26, 229. Reviewer Julia Cwierz Abstract None available The Data This article analyses the rules of International Olympic Committee, International Federations and National Olympic Committees which need to be complied with in order for esports to become an Olympic sport. It…

What is the legal status of USA esports competitors? #LAW

Citation Holden, J. T., & Baker III, T. A. (2019). The Econtractor? Defining the Esports Employment Relationship. American Business Law Journal, 56(2), 391-440. Abstract Esports is now a multibillion-dollar industry that has quickly become one of the most discussed segments of the entertainment industry. There has been a rush to mention esports alongside other more…

How can the esports industry be more effectively regulated?

Citation Toomey, R. (2019) Upholding the integrity of esports to successfully and safely legitimize esports wagering” Gaming Law Review 23(1) 12-17 [ACCESS] Abstract None The Data This is a review article, so no data as such, mostly reviewing the area of regulation and the work of its key actors. Quotes Our Take on it

Is there a legal route in Europe for esports to be recognised as sports? #LAW

Citation Abanazir, C. (2019). E ‑ sport and the EU : the view from the English Bridge Union. The International Sports Law Journal, 18(3), 102–113. Abstract The change that e-sport is going through and the ever-ascending trajectory of e-sport has led to certain states to regulate this mode of entertainment. States like South Korea…

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