Are esports a sport psychologist’s domain? #PSYCHOLOGY

Citation Cory Cottrell, Nicholas McMillen & Brandonn S. Harris (2019) Sport psychology in a virtual world: Considerations for practitioners working in eSports, Journal of Sport Psychology in Action, 10:2, 73-81, DOI: 10.1080/21520704.2018.1518280 Abstract Recent technological advances have steadily led to the increased popularity of video games. With computers more readily accessible, video games have become […]

Live vs Remote – what motivates esports audiences to show up? #PSYCHOLOGY

Citation Neus, F., Nimmermann, F., Wagner, K., & Schramm-Klein, H. (2019, January). Differences and similarities in motivation for offline and online eSports event consumption. In Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. [ACCESS) Abstract ESports is a rising phenomenon that attracts followers worldwide. Recently, big eSports events are hosted regularly as a […]

Why do people watch esports? #PSYCHOLOGY

Citation Choi, C (2019) “Understanding Media Consumption of Electronic Sports through Spectator Motivation, Using Three Different Segmentation Approaches: The Levels of Addiction, Passion, and Fan Identification” SportMont 17(1), p.3-8 [FREE OPEN ACCESS] Abstract Electronic sports (eSports), or competitive video gaming, is a type of sport that has recently expanded its horizon from being a participatory […]