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How might spectators watch esports in virtual reality? #DESIGN


PATENT AWARD: Trombetta, S., Thielbar, C., and Fairbairn, J.  Sony Interactive Entertainment (2019) Scaled VR Engagement and Views in an E-Sports Event, WO 2019/168637 AI


The present invention generally relates to electronic sports (e-sports). More specifically, the present invention relates to scaled virtual reality (VR) engagement and views in an e-sports event.

The Data



“The virtual reality or augmented reality embodiments may include features that allow for the simulation of the e-sport event and provide the viewer a more immersive view.”

“viewers may be provided a viewing experience (for example, with viewpoint of the e-sport event from a particular seat, crowd noise and interactions) as if the viewer was actually viewing the event from the location the e-sport event was being held at”

“Virtual reality or augmented reality can also be used to render a perspective for the viewer as if the viewer was within the video game as well”

“metadata may be generated based on whenever a particular player’s avatar appears in the distribution of the live e-sport event data and instructs that additional information regarding that player’s avatar’s health, progress, and other game-related statistics be displayed in a bubble nearby the player’s avatar”

Our Take on it

“Could esports spectator experiences take place in virtual reality? The short answer is, absolutely! This patent outlines how this could be achieved, bringing increasing levels of immersion, personalisation, and visualisations to the experience. It covers such areas as the integration of personal viewpoints, the possibility of locating speactors within the esports playing field using 3D rendering of game worlds, and the integration of data services that show viewers more of what is happening in the field of play. It also covers aspects of the social element of esports watching. Overall, it’s a compelling vision for the future of esports and we can expect to see more patents like it.” Professor Andy Miah 

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